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Image by Reinis Birznieks
  • Are all Trevallys built and made in the USA?
    The Trevally was designed in Houston Texas and is manufactured in the USA. If the parts could be custom made in USA they have been. We are strong supporters of American Made and Veteran Owned businesses! ZERO parts are outsourced from China.
  • What is the Trevally made from and will it rust?
    All parts were designed to be corrosion resistant with the primary parts created from 6061 aluminum alloy then anodized. The fasteners are either stainless steel or aluminum alloy anodized. The auger is made from high impact military grade plastic that is 100% corrosion proof and extremely durable.
  • Where is the protective cover from?
    The Trevally Protective Sleeve is made here in the USA from a Veteran owned company. The company specializes in custom weaved products. We, here at Bayou City Industries Proudly support Veteran owned businesses and Made In America Products!
  • I heard about attachments? Whats this all about?
    You heard Correctly! The Trevally was designed to stand out and is second to none! The openings are not an accident. We created them to decrease the weight of the product and to provide a location for additional attachments to be added! We are working on manufacturing them!
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