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Trevally fishing rod holder

The Inspiration

This is the original photo that inspired a vision, a thought, which eventually inspired the creation of The Trevally! We all had a passion for being on the sand and a love for good times. We had custom rods, reels and gear. This photo made us realize that one thing was still missing... we had this PVC pipe holding our beautiful set ups! We knew that we needed to make an upgrade. We knew that this upgrade though should match our creative and unique personalities. We searched the internet to find something that would match who we were and what we wanted. After arriving to only dead ends, we decided the only option was to design something that was exactly what we would want! We spent a year thinking about what we wanted in a fishing rod holder. Should it be just a pipe in the ground? Could it be more than just a pipe? If so, then what? Could it be an extension of my gear that does more? What would it look like? From that moment on we started working on designing a product that we would want and that would stand out on the beach!

Prototype 2022

Our 3-D Printed Prototype was finished in May 2022. We created The Trevally to have two main sections. This reduced the size for transportation and opened the door for multiple size options. We added openings on each side to reduce weight, enhance aesthetics, and to be utilized for future attachments. A rail system was added to adapt to the different sized rod handles. Our middle connector was inspired by submarine periscope designs to create a mechanism for driving The Trevally into the sand. The Trevally could now be fully disassembled for easy cleaning and storage. We knew we had a great start to this project but the design was far from complete. We knew that The Trevally needed more, it needed something else, and so we went back looking for inspiration!

Trevally fishing rod holder
Image by Reinis Birznieks
Trevally fishing rod holder


Production of The Trevally began in Spring 2023. We wanted to keep as much as possible made here in the USA. Our concept was created in Texas, then moved forward to our team of engineers based out of California to finish the product idea. Using cutting edge software and design technologies we created the exact product that we were looking for and needed. We now had something that was lightweight, adjustable, customizable, and corrosion resistant. The Trevally had arrived! 

Live Life on the Sand

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